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Powell River fishing guide

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If you are making a trip to Powell River, be sure to include some trout fishing in your plans. Cutthroat trout are the main species present in our lakes, averaging 12 to 16 inches in size. But with the size restrictions put on some of the lakes years ago, you will have a chance to hook into trophy-size cutthroat in the six to ten pound range, or even larger. Powell Lake and its tributaries–Goat and Inland lakes–are closed for fishing from November 1 to March 31, reopening on April 1, while all others remain open all year with some producing trophy fish in December & January.

Local Lakes

Inland lake has a good population of fish, great campsites, and that chance at hooking a trophy-size fish. Single barbless hooks are mandatory, and fish over 40 centimetres must be released.

If it’s a mix of cutthroat, rainbow and river fishing you would like, check out Goat Lake and the Eldred River. You will find good sizes and numbers of both species in these areas, not to mention great scenery.

For people wishing to camp and access a number of lakes, Nanton or Dodd lake would be a great base camp, putting you in the middle of a network of lakes. Once there, some to check out are Windsor, Horseshoe, Tony, Lois and Khartoum lake.


Here is a quick checklist of the gear you will need: for spincasting. Panther Martins,wedding bands and Kroc spoons are great, but make sure they are equipped with single hooks. For trolling, Willowleafs, Ford-fenders and the local favourite Cowichan spoon work great.P.R.O. always has worms..

Fly fishing is growing in Powell River, some great local patterns have been developed which produce fish on a regular basis. Leeches, wooly buggers, and stickleback patterns are a must for wet flies, also a good selection of chronomids will come in handy. Elk hair caddis, tom thumb, and an ant pattern will take care of most of the dry flies.

Make sure to check out P.R.O.’s fly selection and stop in for the latest reports before you head out.P.R.O. also rents small lake boats and fishing gear if needed.

For a great outdoor experience and to get away from the crowds, come to

Powell River and enjoy – guaranteed you will not be disappointed.


Fishing in the Powell River area can best be described as the best of both worlds. You will be amazed as I first was at the vast network of lakes being in such close proximity to the ocean. Truly an anglers paradise.Salt water fishing in Powell River and surrounding areas has been very good the last few years. The Salmon,Herring,Bottom fish,Whales and now Halibut are back.

Fishing conditions are usually  good. Texada and Harwood Islands not only sit as protection from nasty weather, they also offer some of the best fishing grounds in the Malaspina Straight.

In Powell River you can fish twelve months of the year, but of course there are prime times. For spring salmon try and be here in early  May through to September, as resident fish are joined by many migrating fish making their way through the straight. Chinook salmon (King) are present throughout this time frame, as Coho usually show up late June to July.The last five years Coho numbers have been great and good size as well.


Most anglers in our waters that target salmon are trolling with the help of downriggers. This method is highly effective, helping you get to the correct depth which is usually between 80′-200’. If you’re like me and like to mix it up, there are some ideal spots for jigging for salmon or bottom fish. Be sure to stop in and pick up some top producers, especially Sam’s top producers you will be glad you did.


The beauty of having worked in the fishing tackle industry for so many years is that I have seen hundreds of lures used in as many situations by some great anglers, and there are definitely some I would not be without in any fishing ground.

 Top Producers

Anchovy, Tomic Plugs,Coho Killers , Army Truck and Green ghost hoochie, Coyote Spoons,Skinny G’s. Of course the situation and or conditions will sometimes dictate which lure you will use. Time and time again I have seen fish brought in and the angler has usually done a number of things to claim his prize (i.e. change depth, location, or lures until you find the right mix.) Be sure to stop in and we will ensure you get the right gear and put you on the fish.


The best thing about fishing the Powell River area is that to get to prime fishing areas, #1 you don’t need a large boat, and #2 you don’t have to go far. The waters directly in front of Powell River (Grief Point to the mill) are very popular with the local anglers  for good reason. Here are just a few hot spots all within a 10 to 20 minute boat ride:

 1) Most popular: Coho Point (Kidde Point) and Blubber Bay, situated on the north end of Texada Island.

 2) Most productive: This would have to be the waters around Harwood Island.

 3) Most exciting: Grant Reefs, a place where you can almost smell fish. 

Make a point of visiting this reef.

 4) Late runs: Albion Point (black point), a great spot in August thru September.

 5) Lund area: This area has really picked up ion the last 5 years.Mace pt,Iron mines and Mystery reef are just a few hot spots.

 6) Waters directly in front of Powell River North to the Mill..Launch your boat and start  fishing.

We have touched on just a few areas locally, but it is really endless when it comes to fishing grounds in this area. For more info and a guaranteed good time, call or shoot me an email,good luck..

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